Monday, April 2, 2012

National Zoo

This is not the Zoo but they are crazy animals.

Petting Zoo

The orangutangs can cross the entire zoo along these cables.  You can stand right under them but there are caution lines there because of falling "rain."


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby Cody

Cody was born April 9, 2010. He weight 8 lbs. 11 oz. and was just cute as could be. He had lots of light colored hair. He has become a Very smiley baby.
He was big to start out with, but he certainly has put on a lot of chub in his short life.

Ever the BYU fan thanks to his dad.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby models

I know everyone thinks they have the cutest baby ever. And that's fair. But at church the other day someone told me about how Gap is trying to find new baby models and there is a contest you can enter them in online. She said I should enter my baby because she thinks he is "scrumptious." I thought if someone else thinks my baby is the cutest baby ever, I might as well try. So I looked into it and decided, without any expectations obviously, to enter my cute baby. Here are the pictures we decided to submit.

I don't expect anything to come from this. But it was fun picking out cute pictures.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We all love eating

Davin is basically eating all solid foods. But it has been quite the process getting there. He has turned into a scavenger, always wanting to eat whatever it is we have. So here he is at the couch shoving big chunks of crackers into his mouth.

The next picture was taken way back in April at the beginning of his time eating baby cereal. The weird thing was...he LOVED it. However, he didn't know how to get it all in his mouth. I will have you know that Ryan was the one feeding him this day. Hence the reason Davin has food ALL over his face.

This was our Cinco de Mayo party. Ryan was pretty excited about making a 7 layer dip which turned out to be really yummy. Davin didn't eat any, but he enjoyed his cereal.

Here we have some more messy face and a concerned look. I think he knew this picture would be used against him in the future and he wasn't excited about it.

Davin is definately old enough to be feeding himself finger foods, but I hate letting him touch his food because he gets so messy. I need to get over it, but it will take time. Ryan on the other hand loves to let him play with his own spoons.

So we're sitting at dinner one day and we look over at Davin to see his foot up on the table. We thought it was pretty random. But it makes sense because in his stroller that is his favorite way to sit. Sometimes he even gets both feet up. He's just like his mom. She likes to have her feet up when riding in the car too.

Same look up close. I just think he looks so intelligent. He is going to be a deep thinker. And we already get comments about how attentive he is. He looks around and tries to take in his surroundings all the time... even at dinner.

You might think Davin is happy with his big mouthful of food. I will refer you to the next picture to see how he really feels.

Yeah, that didn't last long in his mouth. I wish I could remember what he was eating. And good faithful mom is ready to catch the unwanted food.

One day Davin picked up this big spoon that we use to cook with and he has not returned it to us. He carries it around the house and hits things with it. It now stays in his toy box.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Turns out I am really not close to being caught up. This post will include many of the fun things we have done this summer. I can't get them in chronological order, sometime I'll figure this stuff out. But for now, you will get random clips out of order.

Here is Davin on a boat rider that he actually liked. He hates the life jackets. But in the end, once comfortable, he is just like his mom... He loves boats! He loved the wind in his face and he liked watching everyone tube and ski.

Davin's first time in the pool, he really liked it. However, he has not loved it as much since. On the 4th of July Ryan tried taking him in a baby pool, but the water was too cold. He didn't last long. But we got a picture without crying. So that was pretty good.

Earlier on the 4th of July we went to the parade. It was ridiculously hot! We put a hat on Davin so he wouldn't burn, but we were all so thirsty. We didn't quite last until the end. But it was a pretty good parade. And Aunt Allison (along with all the other aunts) were quite willing to help watch Davin.

Freedom Days had a lot of activities throughout the week. We went to Colonial days and saw lots of stuff. I'm sure Davin didn't really enjoy it all that much. Except that he got to be outside a lot, which he likes. But Ryan and I felt very active and involved in the community. Plus it's nice to remember how wonderful our nation is.

On the left you will see the whole family at the Museum of Natural History. They had a pretty cool exhibit on frogs. As you can see Davin is without pants. He used to get sooooo hot. He seems to regulate better now. Plus we got summer clothes, so that was helpful too.

On the right and below you will see our first hiking trip. We went up to the hot springs in Spanish Fork. I carried Davin the whole way there thinking it would be nice to have it over with and be done for the trip back. But I should have thought about how I would have to carry him up hill instead of down. He did well, but it was a long walk. and it was nice to be done I guess.

It has been a good summer. School has started again, but hopefully we still have fun excursions.